Suka sgt tgk cite ni. Sanggup pagi2 on9 duk lyn cite. Hehe. Mmg bestla. Jom tgk synopsis ni.


This is the story of youths becoming top global stars which could take place in the not-so-distant future.
You may have the looks, talent, personality and even a respectable private life, but it's still tough to rise as a successful star. Here is a group of youths who are still up for this daring challenge.
They all have a single weakness barring them becoming the ultimate top star. The weaknesses wouldn't be an issue or an inconvenience to an ordinary person, but they are detrimental to a pop star.
One girl sings superbly but her appearance is not the best to stand before the TV camera.
Another student has the looks and musical talent but has a distorted, prejudiced view of the world.
There are others who have amazing talent but an unsophisticated fashion sense.
Each of these students have managed to pass the exam and enter Kirin Arts High School to begin headlong the challenge of becoming a top superstar.
The characters maximize their unique talents and overcome their weaknesses.
They fall, trip and fail which only boosts their confidence.
The ridicule and scorn they are used to will one day turn into cheers and support.
The underdogs and the losers will fly up high and their story will be an inspiration to young viewers.

Best2. Layan abis. Suke2~

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9 Cakap Saya Jadi Engineer:

Syukri Mohtar said...

Serious best cite ni..pil suk & jason best...

Dream High

aqeyLs said...

bes ke? nak tgok gak!

Lyeanna Wana said...

same la dah addicted to this drama~
but poor song samdong (soohyun)..he's loosing his hearing~

ZWAN SABRI said...

best ke? nak pinjam.. HAHA

Unknown said...

cerita ni best! jalan cerita manerik!

Aimifiqa said...

@ shukri: dah abis tgk ke? jelesnyer~

@qeyls : best2. jom lyn~

@lyeanna : nape2? tak tgk abis lg. bru start.

@ nadzirah : tak sbr nk mhabiskan~

Anonymous said...
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Glo-w~* said...

Looks like a good drama^^ may check it out! thx for the intro^^

Anonymous said...


layan3 !! <3 Milky couple cute gilerr ^^

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