kena tag oleh En. Afi

instruction :
once you are tagged, answer the question honestly.. no lying or cheating ok?

starting time : 11.32 pm (buat after print report)
name : Afiqah Nu'aimi binti Zakaria (what a cute name like owner)
brother(s) : 5 je.. (nakal + semua x dgr ckp)
eye colour : dark brown (erk? yeke? ntah)
shoe size : size 5 takpun 6 (depend kat jenama kasut dan jenis)
hair : kaler itam~ (mestila I bukan org mat saleh ye not also blond)
piercing : apekah ini? sori..
height : 154 cm (rendah ke?)
what are you wearing right now : baju kolej with seluar kembang.
where do u Live : Kuala kgsr, perak (Kejor yeop kejor!)
favourite number : 7 (my date birth)
favourite drink : Jus epal, jus epal plus asam boi, jus jambu plus asam boi, bandung
favourite month : bulan januari (sebab dapat call free seminggu mcm afi)
favourite breakfast :. nasi lomak


broken a bone : nope sbb saya ni x lasak orangnye
been in a police car : nope yet sbb saya budak baik
fallen for a friend : just friend
fallen for a guy / girl for a short time : erk? what this?
swam in the ocean : best2! time plkn ari tu jela
broken someone's heart : pernah kut ( sape ye?)
cried when someone's died : of cos. love them so much in every time in life
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone call : ntah. xde pun.
saved e-mail : for what?
been cheated : pernah dan paling x suka ditipu, sakit woah!


your room look like : white
what is right beside you : bantal yg menemani malam tidurku~
what is the Last thing you ate : marble cheese cake (secret recipe) yummy~


the last person you tell : my prend
who was the last person you danced with : menari? omg.
who last made you smile : my family and friends


what are you listening right now : bunyi tawa org depan yg bingit telinga
what did you do today : pagi gi library bincang ngn kwn psal keje, mkn tgahari bsama2 rkn dan ptg gi mid, beli secret recipe( kempunan mkn kek)
are you the oldest : yes. I am the oldest sister
indoors or outdoors :indoor


talk to someone you like : family, friend
kiss someone : nope. but my parent
sing : in progress (hopefully jd)

talk to an ex : absolutely dlm mimpi!
miss someone : mesti la, parents n bestie!!
eat : dah, pukul 8.30 pm td..hehe


you talked on the phone to : rumate
made you cry : hmm. xde
you went to the mall with : my bestie~
who cheered you up : parent and friend
have a crush on someone : pernah
what books are you reading right now : xde buku pun
best feeling in the world : fell happy
future kids name : nia qistina ( pergh!)
do you sleep with stuffed animal :
what's under your bed : just cadar
favourite sport : badminton, petanque
favourite place : rumahku syurgaku
do you have a job : no. blogger.
what time is it now : 12.25 pm (tibe2 ade meeting floor)

with however long it took you to complete this, post as "my 14 minutes survey" (50 minit kot aku jawab..haha) and tag 1.. the lucky one ~ Cik Ciku Manggis

Thanks for reading. Easily to drop comment here. Like also :)

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